Sunday, 4 August 2013

Show Notes Episode 40

Hello and welcome to the show notes for episode 40 of The Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast for August 5th 2013, entitled Girls, Monsters and U! You will find the show on iTunes under Podcast Network and it is available from 5th August 2013 from around 8.30am EST.

The big Pixar offering of the year, which unless you been hiding under your duvet and missed all the PR, is Monsters U. So we thought we would talk a little about the film, how it fits with Monsters Inc, it's in park presence and also of course our views on it. So for a start, why not visit the campus over at Here you will be able to make your own id card! With use of the official trailers, facts from the fabulous Ciarán and opinion from us, this episodes gives you everything you need to know - but it does have a couple of spoilers, so watch out!

Then on the show, we talk about some of the Monsterous Summer tie-ins in the park where us theme park fans can re-live the film. However, key word - summer. How on earth do people cope in the hot hot hot humid heat of Orlando during July and August?Well fear not these Minxes, along with top tips from our listeners, offer some ideas to keep cool and away from the sick bay. If you want to share any we missed, please tweet us @theminnieminxes for a shout out on a future show too!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the show. Remember one half of our duo is over in WDW 18th August to 1st September and if you are around drop her a tweet and arrange a meet up... sssh don't tell everyone but there are some minxie goodies going too!

Before we sign off, a quick mention... if you want to buy anything from please use the link on this page, even if you don't want to buy any of the books we recommend. It doesn't cost you any extra but what it does, is that Amazon gives us a % in a commission (and we all like to take the £ or $ from these big companies). This helps us with running costs of the show, we would really appreciate it.

Minnie Kisses

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