Sunday, 11 August 2013


So there’s a week to my Walt Disney World holiday for 2013. I really should be focusing on ironing and packing… though currently my focus is on the conundrum of tipping whilst at Disney.

The tipping situation for us Brits especially may seem a bit confusing as I know if I stay in a hotel in the UK I would never dream of leaving a tip to the room maid and as to tipping wait staff 20% is even more alien. So first I’m going to discuss what I found out about room tipping.

Firstly it is politely called ‘mousekeeping’ and also it is one of age-old customs. However from what I have read it is not necessary to leave a tip, though this is something I have always done. In the past I have left dollars on the bed and been dumbfounded to comeback and still find the dollars on the neatly made bed.

Purplexed I asked the maid, one morning when I was a tad tardy getting off to the parks, she explained that Disney have a very strict policy on staff taking money or property from guest rooms. Therefore she personally said, she would only would ever take cash if in a clearly marked envelope.

So from that time I have always spent the time to make up an envelope and pre-pack them with around $1 per person, per day. Mainly because if I was staying in a resort for 14 days how could I guarantee that it was the same maid each day, this way I reward each day. What are your room tipping habits? Drop us a tweet and let us know. 

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