Sunday, 18 August 2013

Michelle's Travel Plans

So as I prepare for the start of my journey to WDW it set me thinking, what preparations do people make prior to their trips? What do others endure to get to the magic? I know I do quite a bit of pre-travel preparation so I thought, over the next few days, I would share some plans and if I have missed anything, please please please tweet or email me to help fill in the blanks!

So as I live 4000 miles away from the magic, I have to start with the prospect of a long flight, which those who know me, know I am not a good passenger. So to ease this phobia I travel to the airport the day before, do twilight check in and then it's to the hotel to wish away the time for the next days flight.

This year I have done a DIY package rather than leaving it all to a tour operator. So I booked my flights with Virgin Atlantic and stumped up a massive £2,500 ($3,750) to fly direct in to MCO. I know it sure is a lot of money but it is a direct flight and I have upgraded to fly premium class, just basically because it comes with additional luggage, legroom and usually the ability to get off the plane first and hopefully be one of the first through immigration. Also it is during the UK summer holidays and prices are always at a premium then.

Once at MCO first plan of action is getting the hire car. I always complete online check as it avoids the clerk trying to sell insurances, upgrades and sat navs that I don't want or need. So who is my car hire provider of choice? Well, I booked the car hire ten months in advance and the best price was Alamo. However I was a tad disappointed that following changing a few details on my booking the price jumped up and their clerk told me the price was in $ when in actually was in £. This means I have had a £240 price increase. I obviously wasn't happy and as I type I truly hope the manager in Orlando will review this as he promised but more about this in a later blog/rant!
Makes coffee delicious for $2

So I have been reunited with cases (no I don't send them on the second trip to avoid taking them on monorail), I have the car and the next stop is Walmart. I know it isn't the poshest of places, but I simply refuse to pay $3 for a small bottle of water when I can get 5l for $2. So I stock up on water, mascara (I know random but sooo much cheaper), hazelnut coffee creamer and all the good stuff I love but can't buy in the UK without pay 4x as much.

So It will now probably be around 5pm. I will have been awake 15 hours. Tired. Grumpy. Facing Florida humidity. So best course of action would be to drive to hotel, check in, unpack and collapse. Oh no! As soon as I am unpacked I will be out and straight to the Polynesian Resort to eat at Captain Cooks, then (all crossed) meet up with Ashley from WDW Happy Place podcast. 

So that is the first day... even typing has exhausted me!