Sunday, 14 July 2013

Universal for me in 2013?

Our next podcast, episode 39 – The Girls With Universal Appeal is focusing totally on Universal Orlando Resort as I feel of late we have been very Disney-centric recently so here is a piece about my growing excitement for my visit this summer!

My first visit to a Universal theme park wasn’t actually in Orlando and it doesn’t belong to Universal either but back in 2002, I visited Universal’s Port Aventura, in Salou, Spain. However after seven years it sold all interest in the park. Anyway as I was saying, it was a jaw dropping experience not just for the rides but for the nighttime spectacular they hosted around the central lake using fireworks and floats. I was lost for words. I had never seen anything like it before and it was worth the 90 minutes I had stood and waited.

So forward wind to July 2010 and my very first visit to the Universal Orlando Resort. Little did I realise that I had arrived in the most happening spot in Orlando at that time, as the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride plus newly themed area had just opened. However to my dismay once I had my fill of rides and attractions there was little to hang around in the evenings for. No lake side stunt show and no fireworks.  I must admit I was a little taken back and despite visiting in 2011, I gave Universal a miss in 2012.

So it has been two years since I have been to Universal Orlando and wow the changes that have happened! It is like my prayers have been answered. New in 2012 was their Cinematic Spectacular which celebrates 100 years of movie magic and the cherry on this girls cupcake is that the narration is by my favourite actor of all time; Morgan Freeman. However, Universal haven’t just added an evening show to appease me; there are new rides and attractions and I seriously can’t wait to see the upgrade to Spiderman as well as the new rides for Transformers and Despicable Me.

Are you like me and haven’t paid Universal a visit for a while? Curious? Well join myself, Kim and Chris Wakefield (from Universal Now podcast) on 22nd July for a whizz around the park and then once I have visited to share my own pictures and opinion on the new things they have to offer.

Minnie kisses Michelle xxx

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