Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Senses Spa

One thing Walt Disney World offers its guests is a wide range of activities, attractions and eateries. However, how many guests actually take time out for a pampering session? 

Back home in the UK this is something I do on a regular basis but I have never considered visiting a spa during my Disney breaks. Maybe 2013 would be the year? 

Check in at Senses Spa. 
This mural was done by Walt Disney Imagineering. It depicts Floridian and Asian themes to represent that the spa is located between the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian Resorts.
Looking at the menu, there are quite a few treatment standards such as massage and facials. However I am a real sucker for a pedicure and they offer a 50 minute treatment, which has a flat rate of $80, and you can chose to add on an additional service; from massage at $30, exfoliation at $45 or water retention treatment at $55. After making my mind up, next there are options on the products to be used; whether I wished to relax, renew or imagine. On top of these rates Disney add a standard 20% gratuity.

So the treatment would set me back $125. As I said I spa treatments, particularly having my toes painted all pretty plus there is nothing like baby soft tootsies when they are pounded on the pavements in  the parks all day!

When I consider that at home I would pay around $60. These figures did slightly freak me out! However when I read reviews and studied pictures I have become very tempted because of all the additional facilities I could make use of. Which are? Well there is the relaxation area pre or post treatment, heated relaxation chairs and then the water therapy and steam rooms. So I think in consideration this rate is about right. There are also a range of drinks and nibbles available.

Have your been pampered in the spa? If you have let me know your thoughts and top tips! 

My thanks goes out to Fran Cassano as without her photographs this post would not have made as much sense!

(407) WDW-SPAS or
(407) 939-7727

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