Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Paying for the dining plan

So it isn’t offered free and you want to buy it. 
Should you? Lets start with the current prices.

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan
$37.58/£24.99 p/n ages 10 & up
$14.32/£9.99 p/n age 3 to 9 

Disney Dining Plan (Value and Regular Season)
$55.59 to $56.94/£39.99 p/n ages 10 & up

$17.16 to $18.16/£11.99 p/n age 3 to 9

Using Disney Quick Service Dining Plan (DQSDP)
A counter service entrée usually costs between 
$8 and $14, add average drink cost of $3
then add a dessert of around $4.

Leaving a counter service value to a maximum of $21.  
So two lots of that, plus a snack of around $4 and the
ability to fill your mug in resort means you spend $37.58 on buying the
DQSDP but you get value of $46 plus those drinks!

Using Disney Dining Plan (DDP) a table service entrée can range between $18 and $30, add a drink of around $4, then add dessert $6 could be worth a maximum of $40. Add in the counter service value of $21 + snack $5 = $66 plus those drinks!
Where you could have paid up to $56.99 so a pre-tip saving could be made but not as good value as the DQSDP

My summary

·      The maths can add up if you order the most expensive option
·      It helps with budgets
·      Teens can be left to sort their own food without having charging privileges
    on their key to the world card or being given cash.
·      If you are spending all your time in the parks and you can plan it can be worth it
·     Please visit the Disney Food Blog website - wealth of information
·    You may get fed up of all the food

Let me know your thoughts!

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