Sunday, 31 March 2013

Show Notes For Podcast Episode 31 - The Girls Dip Their Toes At Sea World

Welcome to the show notes that support episode 31 of the Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast. Due to our Kimmy being a bit poorly, I was joined, in parts, by the lovely Becci Manion for a discussion about how to get from park to resort; whether to hire a car or purely rely on buses, monorail or boat.

Also on the show was the fascinating Kelly Green, who Kim and I had earlier interviewed. She was an amazing guest and to give you a bit of background information, here is her bio.

Sea World when trainers 'went in the tank'
SeaWorld Mommy was an editor at a national pet magazine in her "past life." Now she is a doting mom and home schoolteacher to Daniel, who was 6 in February. She and her family travel as often as possible around America's southeast to lots of theme parks, museums, zoos and other points of educational interest, but plan to take the kiddo to further points on the globe as soon as possible.

Her blog,, began as a way to "talk to grownups" again. It's about SeaWorld, the theme park, but also about this Sea WORLD we live in. It's an exciting place, if we just look around. And here, in Central Florida—the Theme Park capitol of the US—the excitement and learning opportunities come in both real and make-believe forms. Which is just how she likes it. Speaking of real, she also goes by her born name: Kelly Green (just like the color).

If Kelly alone doesn't make you want to visit Seaworld I don't know what else will! All that plus two CiarĂ¡n facts, ways to contact the show and details of our recent competition winners - so a very busy podcast! So we all hope you enjoy the show and look forward to sharing episode 32 with you around 15th April 2013.

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