Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

One of my favourite rides at Walt Disney World is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Why? Because in my mind it combines everything I love about Disney.
The theming begins at the entrance
Firstly it is based on reality. It’s foundations hark back to the TV cult classic Twilight Zone TV series. So it has a reality about it, but back to that in a moment. Then the theming is simply stunning. The moment I walk up the steep incline, through the overgrown, disarrayed garden and enter the hotel I’m transported. Suddenly the date is October 31, 1939.
Notice the details, right down to the cobwebs
Then once inside the hotel, Disney put their spin on the story, their props tell an incredible story of Halloween, a ferocious thunderstorm and a disappearance of guests. Intrigued? 

In ride photograph as the lift drops!

So if you want to hear more, listen to to our podcast show number 20. Here you will find our 'Spooky Show' where I was incredibly fortunate to have recorded a live walk through of this attraction with Banks Lee, self confessed obsessive on all things TOT and host of Orlando Attractions Magazine.

I would never consider riding a so-called ‘drop ride’. Even when visiting Universal, Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall left me cold with no interest whatsoever. So until I manage to visit the remaining Disney Parks this is going to be the one and only drop ride this minx visits.

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