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Show Notes - 27 Downtown Girls

February 4, 2013
Bloopers, car parks, chocolate and bowling by Michelle Tate Young
Hello and welcome to the show notes for podcast 27 of The Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast. We are just back from our meet, which was a big success, but more about it in a later blog.
Downtown Disney circa 2010
So what is in store for you during this show? We are joined by the delightful Scarlett Ashley from Touring Plans and we chat all things Downtown Disney, from food to safety and how we would like to improve the entertainment. Now we realise we only touched the tip of the iceberg so this will need a repeat visit. If you wish to contribute to this please drop us an email and we will give you a guest spot!
Now for our birthday show the lovely Jayne Phipps suggested we put together a collection of Disney movie errors or as we have renamed them ‘miracles’. Alas that show was so full of TARDIS travel and lottery nuttyness we decided to share it with you on this episode. Again, email us your own personal favourites as we have only just touched on this topic so we will be coming back to it soon!
Ciaran has been busy and brings you three fabulous facts including visiting Titantic The Experience, Orlando Science Museum and Lego Discover Centre.
Fabulous Shops at DTD
Lego Nessy!

Keep looking out as we will have a new blog post in a few days about the meet but in the meantime we hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to get in touch with a question for Minxie Michelle or any feedback.
Minnie Kisses
Kim and Michelle xx
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