Friday, 2 March 2012

Quick-Fire Questions With Kim!

Kim shares her Disney favourites!...

Fave Park = Magic Kingdom

Fave Ride = Stitch's Great Escape (yes, I said, Stitch's Great Escape).

Fave Parade - Main Street Electrical Parade

Fave Show = Festival of the Lion King (always makes me cry).

Fave Film = It's a draw between 'Fox and the Hound' and 'Oliver and Company'.

Fave Song = 'Why Should I Worry' from 'Oliver and Company'.

Fave Restaurant = Sci Fi Diner

Fave Snack = Anything containing ICE CREAM!

Fave Resort = Polynesian

Fave Character = A draw between Stitch and Eeyore.

Fave Place To Watch World Go By = Bench outside Space Mountain!

Fave Shop = Mousegears or Mickey's Mart

Fave Place To Go At Night = Downtown Disney Marketplace 

Fave Place To Relax = Cinema at Downtown Disney to watch the latest blockbuster!

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